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Our Story

Cicala Homes was founded by Peter Muraca and is deeply rooted in the history of the Muraca family. Peter’s father, Tony Muraca, was born in Cicala, a small town with less than 1,000 inhabitants in the Calabria region of southern Italy. Tony emigrated to Canada in his early years and worked a long career in the construction industry as a master drywall taper, tile setter, and cement mason.

From a young age, Peter developed a strong passion for homes. He accompanied his father to various job sites and watched first-hand as raw materials were transformed into beautiful home features. He acquired a broad working knowledge of construction techniques, and later, gained valuable experience in HVAC sales and energy advising. Naturally, this led to his decision to pursue a career in real estate, and he has been helping people find homes ever since.

In 2015, Peter had the pleasure of visiting Cicala for the first time. He was inspired by the beauty of the countryside, the warmth of the people, and the simplicity of the lifestyle. Connecting with his heritage deepened his understanding of “home” as a place where family comes together, meals are shared, and memories are made. It reminded him to embrace “la dolce vita” and enjoy life to its fullest.

Peter established Cicala Homes to unite a tradition of craftsmanship with a dream of helping others achieve their home goals. Our mission is to provide each customer with a personalized homebuilding experience. Our business is built upon the following four cornerstones:
• Functional Design
• Quality Workmanship
• Professional Collaboration
• Exceptional Service

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